Computer keyboard with social media keysPhone calls in the 80s, emails in the 90s, and social media in the now! People don’t mind waiting for a  returned phone call or email, even a few days would be acceptable. Although, when it comes to social media, timing is everything, things can quickly go astray and lead to a PR disaster/nightmare. One tweet/post can reach millions within an instant versus the example many of us saw in the movie Campaign, wherein messages via phone call usually end up in the voicemail depository. I have to be honest, I rarely check my voicemail, and have a quick reaction when it comes to the delete button. In terms of social media, people usually take a second, third, and fourth glance, unfortunately this is not true for the writer/blogger. It’s so easy to tweet/post, but reading is still cherished, and if only we put the same effort in reading as we did in writing, we could avoid many unfortunate PR disasters. My advice “write, read, rewrite, read, and then tweet/post.”