Finally a Kickstarter that you can actually drink! When many people think of a kickstarter, the words “technology” or “software as a service” (SaaS) comes to mind. Although, what about practicality, such as something you can use on a daily basis that makes you feel good? Chaga Tea is your answer! Its made from mushrooms, but these magical mushrooms make you healthy, helps boost your immune system. Chaga Tea has health benefits, how many of us can brag about that when it comes to innovation? With startup fever, and many engineers choosing the technology route, or making home brewed beer (alcohol), its nice to know we still have individuals who think outside of the box. Realistically, how many social accounts does one need? Its about time we have something we can enjoy! Hooray for the guys at Chaga Tea, for fueling our light night and early morning innovations.

chaga tea