a7efadc3c471f6eda050a5001ca80daf_originalSoundBrake by Sundae Electronics is a necessity when onboarding new employees. New hires should be given SoundBrake along with a keyboard and mouse. You may ask why? Well, how often have we had the feeling of someone standing over us, or that subconscious feeling of singing out loud?

Many of us have been subject to listening at very low levels, missing out on potential hits on Spotify. Also some of us have adopted other means, such as one earphone in and the other out. Listening to our tunes, while also being aware of our surroundings, which is like a juggling act sometimes.

SoundBrake is like your personal assistant, alerting you of your surroundings. Why not, we use parking assisted sensors in our cars. Might as well have sensors in the office to keep us in tune with our surroundings, while we are plugged into our tunes.