a31fce5938058e140d0f51c8e55a13f2_originalMark Zuckerberg should take note, his New Year’s Resolution of converting his house into a fully functioning AI system has already been solved by AICO. Long gone are the days of a phone just being in existence for phone calls, texting, and playing games like Angry Birds and BeJeweled.

SmartEgg allows you to not only control your electronic devices, but it also takes it a step further by allowing you to set timers, and even track your movement, so that every room you step into is as cozy and comfortable as you want it to be. Whether it’s muting the TV to take a business call, or adjusting the temperature on a cold night to welcome you back home to a warm and comforting house. Running SmartEgg in your house is like having your mother live with you, minus the nagging. It even reminds you when you abandon this egg, such as leaving your bag behind in a restaurant.