A puzzling masterpiece of scents. Given that they make you select your favorite scent and break down the elements. My favorite was Abrochrombie & Fitch’s Fierce, which they quickly rendered the ingredients involved in making this cologne. After this was done, my credit card was quickly billed and three scents were quickly dispatched to my address. 

After I opened my treasure of scents, which was neatly and sophisticatedly wrapped. I quickly began indulging in the scents. I note that one was sweet, another dull or more strong and musky, while the last scent was a mixture of both. 

Is it a good thing to break down the elements of my favorite cologne only to rebuild the elements in hopes of finding even better scents? Only time will tell. As for now, the longer you subscribe to Scent Trunk, the more you save. Along with indulging in the treasure hunting for freshness, sweetness, and all around smelling of greatness!