With a quick swipe of the hand you can quickly erase someone’s history from a timeline, defriend them, block them on messenger and delete photos of their existence. Whatever happened to a picture is worth a thousand words? Nowadays a photo can barely withstand one click, that’s how easy it is to erase someone from your past. Gone are the days of photo albums collecting dust, letters buried in drawers and so forth. Is there hope for relationships? Can resurrection come in the form of undo, or retrieval from the trash can? Should we chose our relationships wisely? It’s all too easy to accept a friend request, only to be judged on your interactivity. Do you “Like” too much, post too often? What about the person, do they have feelings and are they counted? What happens when you’ve been banned from Social Media? Do you lie in wait in purgatory, hoping for one day to be friended again?