I can recall a time when I was on the couch with an ex of mine (slight chill in the air as I say this) and we were engaged in How I Met Your Mother. Robin had on a gorgeous trench coat, which expanded outward, unlike the regular slim fit. My ex mentioned that she loved the coat and wondered how she could get one like it. This triggered the Barney Stinson in me, so I gladly accepted the challenge. Using Google I was able to find some blogs which mentioned that the trench coat was available at Anthropologie. Mind you this was before Instagram, which is not only an essential source for the fashion forward person, but also provides the brands behind the designs. Although is this enough? No way, we want more and deserve more! That’s where SprezzaBox is king, they not only have the trends in today’s fashion, but will also send it to you via mail. SprezzaBox will mail you weekend/casual ties, funky dress socks, tie clips, handkerchiefs, funky shoe laces, shoe cleaner and so forth. An assortment of 4 items in a box for a mere $28 subscription fee, that begins at the start of the month.