poojanka-enertainment-screenshotPoojanka is a household name when it comes to Bollywood entertainment. They have been associated with the likes of Bollywood stars such as Hrithik Roshan of Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai and Mission Kashmir fame, along with sexy divas like Kareena Kapoor of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham fame. Poojanka Entertainment as a traditional brick and mortar company has been associated with venues like the Taj Mahal of Atlantic City, promoting large scale events throughout the tri-state (New York and New Jersey. Bringing the hottest and latest South Asian trends to the shores of North America, to quench the thirst of Pakistani and Indian ex-patriots abroad.

Poojanka is now teaming up with #nycmixing to relaunch their internet presence on a larger scale that will include future-proof technology like HTML5, Responsive Design for mobile and tablet adaptation. Along with huge jump to the world of social media with Facebook, Twitter, and Google + integration, so they users/viewers of the site will not only be able see the latest happening, but also network on an interactive database, bringing word of mouth into the digital age.