Not all social media is dynamic, it mostly consists of static content such as inspirational quotes and selfies. We’re too focused on the media end of things versus the grassroots, which is the community. Instead of chasing after likes and retweets we should be more focused on listening and responding. Social Media is way to loud for our own good. The downfall of social media is the aggressive nature of taking the offensive side versus the defensive. A prime example is Twitter Wars, many users are too quick to respond and don’t even notice the “delete” or retraction of the tweet they are responding too. We need to “chill” and enjoy social media, hence “community” needs to be back in place and think of social networks as a BBQ, we’re all in line waiting and listening, even smelling and seeing. Be a community, be part of harmony. Let others talk and create a b2b and b2c environment where our customers do the word-of-mouth marketing for us versus shoving content down their throat, or rather flooding their timeline with the risk of being unliked, unfrieneded, and unfollowed.