What’s worse a broken heart or a heart attack? You don’t lose money, prestige, but you lose time. Time that you can’t get back. Time is now consumed with hate, agony, guilt, fear, remorse, and sorrow. Your tears burn your cheeks, your face wrinkles with the pain that stems from your heart. Food no longer tastes the same, you can’t sleep cause you toss and turn, fighting off those broken promises that haunt you. Could you have done more, could you have saved the relationship? You’re a captain of a sinking ship, you don’t know when to quit until it’s too late. Nothing to lose cause you lost it all, the moment she walked in your life.

Nothing to Lose (Broken Hearts) Mix – featuring musical influences from Hip Hop, Trance, Bachata, and Desi Pop. The mix also features a host of artists like Tracy Chapman, Sean Kingston, Leona Lewis, Madonna, and Lomaticc of Culture Shock.