Bronx Jobs Now - SEO and SEM Bronx Jobs Now was faced with a common scenario that has plagued sites that feature content published prior to the evolving standards of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The project was tackled using forward-thinking versus back-tracking. Such as using the verification process to get the site verified by Google Webmaster Tools, creating and submitting a sitemap (XML format) to search engines. Since this site also features a blog, another essential step would be listing the site with a major blog search engine like Technorati. What is also important with regards to blogs is also pinging blog directories, to alert them of present and future blog posts. Once the groundwork is done, then comes the fun part. Keyword optimization, which is basically reading through the content and picking out words that essentially captures the essence of the blog, please do not confuse this with keyword stuffing. Keyword Stuffing will get you banned or blacklisted from search engines for a limited time (1-3 years) based on irrelevant content, keep in mind search engines are getting more human-like in nature and can detect BS. Not only should your content be optimized, but also your title of your website because branding is marketing.