Responsive Web Design is a great feature in that it brings the desktop experience to mobile devices. You do not lose content, but merely organize it in a readable and more legible manner. Compared to a Mobile site, which leans more to a mobile app. A mobile site does not necessarily inherit the full site template and content. Its more like a micro-site or rather landing page. It would be best to go with a mobile app then a mobile site because it gives you more interactivity and allows the user to view content offline. Responsive Web Design is the future, catering to not just mobile, but all devices and window/browser sizes, such as tablet and phablet (Samsung Galaxy Note & LG Intuition), also not forgetting compatibility with a rotating screen. Note that a mobile template does not look good on a 10-inch or 7-inch tablet versus Responsive, which is based on a grid system, so it will load as much content as deemed possible by the breaking point (can be infinite).