Alexa provides meaningful, yet small amount of data. Granted that Alexa only samples from its toolbar installed on users computers, yet its fairly more precise then Google Analytics, which does not narrow analytics that it collects. Google Analytics gives you in a broad sense “Totals” such as total amount of viewers, countries, cities, but its missing the individuals. Who are these people and what attracts them to your site? This is where Alexa comes in handy. The small sample that can be magnified and generalized can offer insightful information, such as income, gender, career, and education.

Alexa is a motivator, such as asking the cheeerleader to prom. Many people who are weary of Alexa have revamped their sites in order to get below 100,000 in order to be considered in Alexa’s top ranking. I have yet to see anyone take a closer look at their site and drastically enhance their site by more then 50% after looking at their Google Analytics.