Submitting a sitemap or a feed directly to Google via its Webmaster Tools can drastically increase your Search Engine Ranking or rather SEO. NYC Mixing went from nowhere to somewhere over night, we are now in the top three for the search “NYC Mixing” “NYCMixing” and “#NYCMixing” and that’s the top three out of 19 million results! There are many tools available for free online to help you build a sitemap or RSS feed (Real Simple Syndication). It is also good to have more than one sitemap, such as a sitemap for your pages, images, and a sitemap for your mobile site as well. Browsing on a smartphone and tablet is becoming more prominent on a daily basis. Also by directly submitting your sitemap to Google, you are ensuring that Google will send out web crawlers to index your content, rather than just waiting around and tapping your fingers, wondering why SEO isn’t working for you. Submitting a sitemap is the key to SEM, and its free!