Have you ever given your business card to someone, only to have them discard it in a waste bin? Well, we’ve created the disposable business card. Yea, that’s right a card that goes in the trash after you use it. The premise is that everyone frequents a public bathroom throughout the day, so this would be the ideal spot to market. The business card would be next to a mirror, when people are washing their hands (and we hope everyone washes their hands!) and our curious on-lookers will glance at this card. The objective is a quick glance, and not a pick up and hold the card, and then take out a pen and paper and write down the info because clearly if you are doing that then you have way to too much time on your hands. The idea is that once the viewer glances at the card, they will subconsciously remember the hashtag, and inquisitively Bing or Google to figure out whats behind it. Alternatively there is also a QR Code, because we’ve all taken a phone call or text in the bathroom at one point or another. So while the curious on-looker has his, her, or it’s smartphone out, they can quickly scan the QR code and let the adventure began. Now for the good stuff, how do we save the environment? We print on recyclable paper, not just because it is feels good, but because its cheap! And how does this recycling process end? The business card gets discarded into the paper and other waste bin, either by the patron of the bathroom or the janitor at the end of the night. Who knows the janitor might have the next big social media thing or another MP3 Player, or smartphone, or tablet, or something of the other to market. And we’ll be glad to market it for him, her, and even you!