Taking banner ads to the next level. The banner designed for NYC Mixing not only reflects style, but innovation as well, such as the successful integration of a hashtag and QR Code. The hashtag (very popular method of indexing topics for searches in Twitter) is utilized in the color of “Yellow” because there is a saying “Paint it in yellow, and it will sell,” this mantra is also utilized by Ebay as well, hence the color yellow in their logo. To further enhance the marketing, but not making it bold and outright eyesore, but rather guerilla marketing, is the QR code, a slick and yet popular addition to the banner. Once scanned, the code leads the viewer to a website (we can also direct users/viewers to YouTube videos, email addresses, phone numbers, text messages, and even changing the color of the QR code, depending on the client’s liking). Such a tremendous amount of marketing into a simple banner! We market you right, no matter the size!